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A letter from Zero20

Dear Zero20 lovers,

We have some good and bad news. We need to pick one so let’s start with the bad news first. 

Unfortunately, Zero20 closed her doors permanently now! 

That means we won’t be opening again. At least not at the same address at the Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 71a, in Amsterdam. 

Zero20 was born in the summer ’17. A small little food bar located in a street next to a big popular party centre. From the outside it looked like a dark place with some purple or pink L.E.D lights on a double ceiling. Not very interesting, you could have walk straight by it.

But inside, oh that was a different story.

Most of the times the vibes were old school R&B and hip hop. But zero20 has heart for all types of music. 

Zero20 became popular around the internet and in no time became a hotspot in the big city. 

Did you know that we planned to make of movie out of it? lol

Well for now, if you have been to zero20 once or twice and felt the special vibe then you understand that zero20 always will be alive.

Back to the subject, we recently discovered that many of our loyal guest didn’t receive an automatic reply, while making a reservation. 


We are truly sorry to not to be able to welcome you at our cosy little bar in Amsterdam any more, but

The good news is, the spirit is still alive and for now you can have the zero vibes where ever you like.


We have started our own Cocktail 2 go, for zero vibes where ever you go!


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